integration background


In today's rapid economy, integration is one of the most important and crucial requirements of any organization. A company must be able to establish relationships quickly and efficiently with customers and trading partners. The information they communicate will need to take different forms and will also be delivered via different mediums.
Many companies take a reactive approach towards this challenge and attack each requirement as it manifests. This produces an inventory of poorly managed transactions without any structure and a lack of documentation to support the work effort. Transactions are often reproduced causing serious amounts of rework when changes are required.
Some businesses who have failed to upgrade their integration capabilities find themselves challenged to support the demands of newer customers who utilize more advanced integration technologies. The result is often poorly created solutions that work in the short term, but fail miserably in the long term.
Organizations that acquire businesses or become acquired often find themselves struggling to provide quality information between each other. This is due to a lack of integration standards or practices to help them identify and address the information they need to communicate and the transportation capabilities that are available to them.
Many companies simply purchase multiple vertical products to support their integration challenges. These products often have overlapping capabilities and are limited in their ability to deliver enterprise level integration solutions due to their specific purpose and function. The on-going licensing and maintenance costs of these products often exceed the cost of an enterprise level integration solution.

StoneDonut utilizes enterprise integration server tools to provide your organization with a global solution to your integration challenges. We employ proven, best practices using our Xecuteâ„¢ delivery framework, to provide your organization with reusable and scalable integration solutions that will adapt as your organization requires.