business process management background

Business Process Management

Many businesses perform daily functions that could be improved, yet they fail to recognize the opportunity to do so. Business processes are made up of human and system activities - both which have the opportunity to become automated through the use of workflow management tools.

Today's toolsets have become more advanced - containing embedded workflow tools within them, which allow businesses to take advantage of their capabilities. Companies that have had the opportunity to work with these tools within their ERP, CMS, or Integration systems have benefitted from the reduction in process costs and increased process performance.

Establishing the proper direction for business process improvement requires making a commitment towards understanding the innerworkings of your business and aligning these current processes with the goals and objectives of the company. This is achieved by capturing current state processes via workshops or through first hand experiences with business resources.

It is often an eye-opening experience for a company to see their business processes presented visually, which allows them to clearly see the pitfalls of many current activities and how they can improve them though simplification and/or automation. A company can quickly realize benefits by changing the most obvious processes.

StoneDonut follows industry standard best practices to help you address your business process challenges. Using our Xecuteâ„¢ Delivery Framework, our resources can work with you to conduct the workshops necessary to identify and resolve business process challenges within your organization and establish automation workflows to increase productivity and decrease cost.